If I can get a dozen roses for $9.99 from the grocery store -why are wedding flowers so expensive?

This is a multi-faceted question, one I am actually writing an entirely separate blog-post for, but the long & short of it is, you aren’t just getting a lower-grade, mass-assembled consumer bunch. The designs we deliver are 100% hand-tailored to your event, custom designed with you in mind. We’ve invested our time, expertise, and professionalism, into getting to know you, your partner, all the while building your blooms around your event’s style.

 It’s with that knowledge that we then take our years of experience and talent, using the freshest, highest-quality blooms we can find from all over the world, and make them into memories you’ll carry with you forever. That doesn’t even mention the cost to run our type of business. Ask any florist, we aren’t in it for the money, we’re in it for the love and the joy that comes with being a small part in your big day.

I’m believe you’ll find our services and our blooms to be exceptional, and our prices reasonable in comparison.

When should I start searching for a wedding florist?

Like all wedding vendors, the great ones book quickly! It never hurts to drop us a line and ask if we have your date open. I prefer to have a few of the solid details first – date, venue, overall style & vibe for the day – from there, we can fill in the details easily!

Most couples book between 9-12 months out from their wedding, but I’m seeing a shift happening… many are starting to book closer to their event – 3-5 months out. The downside to waiting: we may be booked – and if not, it might be difficult (and likely more expensive) to get specific blooms/supplies desired. I promise, if we’re available, we’ll make magic happen!

Is it true that silk flowers are less expensive than real flowers?

Truthfully, most high-quality silks are almost more expensive than actual flowers! The permanent botanical market has blossomed *I know, I’m rolling my eyes at myself, too for that joke* over the last several years - the quality is incredible, and often difficult to spot the difference side by side with the real-deal. That being said, the average convenience store silks will be ‘cheaper’ but they will also look it.

In my honest opinion, NOTHING beats the real thing! The textures, the scents, the play between the natural bends and curves of the stems, it all blends beautifully into a natural, one-of-a-kind creation. Plus the idea of carrying something grown from this Earth has a bit of extra magic to it, doesn’t it??