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Guys, its been a minute since I've done this whole blogging thing. A few of you may not even know who I am, or how you got here. So hello! I'm Kim, and I own Allium Floral Designs in Lombard, Illinois. We're a home-based floral design studio specializing in weddings and events in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. 

Photo: Grace - True Grace Photography | Make-up: Carly Palmer - Carly Does Makeup | Hair: Amanda - Fringe of Lombard

Photo: Grace - True Grace Photography | Make-up: Carly Palmer - Carly Does Makeup | Hair: Amanda - Fringe of Lombard

That's me, and my fiancee, Sam -- this lovely shot was taken by Grace Gruwell of True Grace Photography for our engagement session this past May. We're walking down the aisle this September, hence why the business has been a bit MIA. 

Allium may appear to be dormant, but I promise, its been a calculated, quiet, season intentionally. The goal for 2018 wasn't growth, but to establish one thing: Process. 

From the start of this business in 2013, I've flown a bit by the seat of my pants. Pulling from my prior experience in another well-known Floral Shop, and my time in retail, I have created a long list of desires & dreams for my business, but had little time while working full-time, to make them a reality.

The time for those dreams is now. Slowly, piece by piece, wedding by wedding, I've built a brand that I believe in, and am excited to begin investing both the time, and energy, it deserves. I want to stress that all of my/our collective energy goes into the events we have booked, beyond that, items like the website, and our facebook go to the back-burner. I've embraced our Instagram (follow-us... its a daily shameless plea from me to the world to secure a #dunkindonuts sponsorship) page to keep everyone up to date on the things we are doing to keep this business moving forward. 

Thanks for coming along on my journey -- more beauty to come in the upcoming months, I hope you'll stay tuned!!


Kim Stanke

"EVERY moment is a fresh beginning"

T.S. Eliot said that once, according to a quick google search I just did for "new beginning quotes" I'm working on my transparency in 2018.... can ya tell? I have to say though, with the turn of another year, I am hyper aware of birth of new beginnings.

2017 on a personal level brought so many, heart-stretching, beautiful things: the birth of my second niece, Addison Grace, the birth of my nephew, Wyatt Daniel, and a proposal to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, Sam. (I said yes, btw.) The balance of work-life-business has been a challenge, but after another successful season, I feel excited to move into a new year, with a refreshed approach to life and love. 

Miss Addison Grace - July 2017

Miss Addison Grace - July 2017

Mr. Wyatt Daniel - November 2017

Mr. Wyatt Daniel - November 2017

[ I am all about the first photo with any teeny human being a selfie -- just us, in the first moments of meeting - I have one with my first niece, Emma, that I absolutely cherish]

Becoming a bride-to-be has altered the way I approach my consultations. Viewing my industry and business from a potential client's perspective is truly eye-opening. I never grow tired of hearing how people fall in love or why they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. I love watching my couples families grow and change, from fur babies, to teeny humans, to new houses, or new states -- it makes my heart so full to see people in love. 

Even with the turn of a new year, I still have my favorite things close at hand, Sam (MY FIANCEE, how weird is that!?), our two fur-weirdos, Tony and Friday, and a hot coffee or tea. I've picked up a new hobby, a monthly book club, and refined my approach to project lists. In short, the year ahead should be an exciting one, full of change and time spent together! 

How are you spending the first few weeks of 2018? What are your plans and goals for the new year? Sending you all of my love and support from afar while you guys reach your dreams! 

-- K