New Promises & New Years | Welcome 2019!

Happy New Year, y’all. Okay, I don’t typically say y’all, but what else do you call the collective group of strangers that reads this, other than you-all? Right, so y’all it is…

Anywho, y’all, Its January 12, and I am JUST NOW feeling this New Year. I’ll be honest, I fall victim to the same stuff everyone else does… at the thought of a new, fresh, year, I start to daydream and wonder who I will become in the next 12 months. What lifestyle changes will I promise myself I’ll stick to, and then abandon? What kind of food will I cut out, only to bring back on the days I feel I neeeeeeeeed it. What am I promising to do with my business this year, that will push it further??

This year, I kicked off January by attempting to hoverboard. Attempting is the key word there, because not 10 minutes after I first stepped onto it, I violently fell off of it; resulting in a massively sprained left elbow. Currently, I am on day 2, of no sling 24/7, and doctor prescribed exercises every 4 hours. I have physical therapy appointments two times a week for the next month (at least), until I can regain my full range of motion.

For a brief moment, I was told my elbow was broken, and it crushed me. I was mad about it, to be honest. I made a stupid decision { jumping on a hoverboard at 29… /facepalm} and as a result, put my life, and my business, in jeopardy. Then that anger then bloomed into random, rational thoughts. “Maybe this is the “break” you needed, the timeout, and the practice in patience that you always claim you’re going to exercise, but never make time for? Maybe this will make you reevaluate your goals, and help you simplify your life, appreciating the little things and the smaller victories? Maybe this is a sign?”.

After finding out it wasn’t broken, I felt the fresh, clean slate of the year. I felt all of the promises I made myself in end of 2018, that were dashed on January 4th, come flooding back to me. That’s the thing about life, it’s what YOU make it. You’re the only one who is going to change your own life, regardless if you have two working elbows with full range of motion or not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can accept your hard times, and make the most of the hand you’re dealt, or not, its up to you.

At the end of the month, I will celebrate my golden birthday, my 30th (!!) birthday. I’ve decided January is my trial-subscription period, giving my mind, and my body the time to rest while resetting for a new year, and a new decade ahead. My 20’s gave birth to this business, to my home, to my marriage, to many friendships and relationships. It was a long ten years, filled with growth and lessons, and I’m excited to close that chapter and start a fresh one, ripe with new promises and new years ahead.

So happy new year, y’all, I hope it is everything you make it to be! I myself am excited for a fresh start, and new beginnings!

More to come,