Hello, it's me… I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet...

Image:  True Grace Creative  | Hair:  Megan Jarabe  | Make-Up:  Carly Palmer

You’ll have to pretend that I am Adele, and I just sang that to you.

If you know me in real life, you know I’d rather die than be caught singing. The one and only time I’ve ever sang loud enough to where someone could pin-point my single, tiny, off-key voice, was in the middle of the Caribbean sea aboard a cruise ship, drunk, in one of their 17 bars playing “kamakaze karaoke”. If you were in that particular bar watching the show, you were subject being selected at random, you’d spin a wheel with the “classics” on it and have to sing on the spot. To this day, “Like a Virgin” still makes me shiver in embarrassment. Shout out to Sam K. who was there to sing it with me, and is one of the few people in existence to ever (intentionally) hear me sing.

Now that you know one of my darkest fears, *cringes* I thought I’d show my face around here again.

I spent some serious time planing out new content & general business-management/workflow plans for Allium! I’ve had the pleasure of refocusing my energy and within my business by being inspired by some other strong, like-minded women. {shout out to my babes, Grace, Carly, & Megan!} They collectively, likely without even knowing it, have given me back my spark. STELLA HAS HER GROOVE BACK, BABY!

I’m here to say, Hi, my name is Kim, and this year, I am OWNING this business. I’ve been the sole owner of this business since 2013, but this year, in 2019, i am O-W-N-I-N-G it. I am stepping into the role I was born to have, letting go of my fears and putting myself fully out there.

Be ready for some fresh content, some education (!), some behind-the-scenes goodies, and a few videos!